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Monday– June 17, 2024

#2024-164390/West Precinct/Third Watch:

At 0023 hours, West Precinct Officer was flagged down by a victim about a male who had pointed a firearm at the victim. The victim then directed the Officer to the suspect vehicle and directly pointed it out. As the Officer and victim were arriving the suspect vehicle began to drive away. The Officer attempted to initiate a traffic stop but the vehicle fled. Due to the violent nature of the crime and the imminent threat that the suspect posed to the public a pursuit was initiated. The pursuit ended when the suspect abandoned his vehicle in the 1800 BLK of 28 AV S. Containment was set up and a KCSO K9 arrived to assist. Ultimately the suspect was not located, however he left his cellphone in the vehicle, as well as his firearm on the passenger side floorboard. The vehicle was taken to the VPR pending a search warrant to be served by Patrol.

#2024-164469/West Precinct/First Watch:

The incident occurred at the entrance of Griffis Seattle Waterfront luxury apartment. At approximately 0440 hours, numerous people called 911 regarding shots heard. Officers arrived and found shell casings in the 800 blocks of Post Av and damages to the lobby door and a wall of the Griffis apartment. Before the shooting, residents stated that a group of people were partying on the rooftop and on the 6th floor of the building. An argument broke out between the group, and the shooting occurred, and everyone got in their vehicles and left. As patrol officers were processing the scene, an uncooperative victim told officers that he was grazed by a bullet but refused any assistance or provide any information. Officers cleared the building and the rooftop. GVRU was advised about this incident.

#2024-164917/South Precinct/Second Watch:

At 1426 hours, Officers responded to a misdemeanor DV Assault incident where a mandatory arrest existed. Officers contacted the suspect, and he resisted arrest while being taken into custody. The suspect suffered an abrasion to the left knee resulting in a use of force. No Officers were injured. An on-duty Lieutenant was notified.

#2024-165019/South Precinct/Second Watch:

At 1641 hours, Officers responded to the 9800 blk of MLK Jr Wy S to a report of a subject firing a single shot into the air. When officers arrived, they contacted the employees of an automotive repair shop who stated the subject approached them stating he was looking for someone who owed him money. When they told him to leave, he produced a handgun a fired a single shot into the air before fleeing. A single 9mm FCC was collected and a link for Axon Citizen was provided for surveillance.

#2024-165139/South Precinct/Third Watch:

At approximately 1920 hours, two male subjects approached a female near the intersection of 71 Pl S/S 115 St. The female was cleaning the inside of her vehicle. As she was walking towards her front door, the two male suspects got within arm’s reach and told her “If you scream, I’ll shoot you right here”. One of the suspects pulled his shirt up and showed a pistol. They then asked her where her car keys, wallet and purse were. She told them they were in the vehicle. The suspects then got into the vehicle and fled the scene. The phone was being tracked until the suspects threw it out of the window. The incident was screened with Robbery

#2024-165222/South Precinct/Third Watch:

At 2057 hours, near MLK JR WY S / Rainier Av S, a male and his wife were attempting to take money out of an ATM in the drive thru. While they were attempting to get money, two suspects approached the driver, pointed a pistol at him and demanded that he pulled money out for them. The victim pulled out approximately $600. The suspects then demanded that he pull out more money. The victim said he could not get anymore out. The suspect then hit the driver with the pistol on the left side of his face. The suspects then fled on foot east bound through the parking lot. Victim stated that he did not need medical attention. The incident was screened with Robbery.

#2024-164716/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

At 1104 hours, the complainant reported that he was at 3 Ave/Pine St. The complainant stated that he had two bags in his hands, and several males walked up and assaulted him. The complainant state that while he was being assaulted one of the suspects made a homophobic and racial comment. The suspects took his cell phone. The complainant had no idea why the crime was committed against him. The complainant was sent the citizen’s link for additional evidence.

#2024-265289/East Precinct/Third Watch:

At 2246 hours, GSW victim walked into HMC with a gunshot injury to the upper leg / Groin area. The subject refused to speak to officers except to state the following information: He was in SODO near the International District taking photos after graduating high school today when an unknown person walked up and shot him for unknown reasons. HMC provided security footage of a sedan with multiple males dropping him off before leaving in an unknown direction. There were no gunshot reports in SODO or the I.D. prior to the drop off. GVRU was notified.

#2024-165206/South Precinct/Third Watch:

At 2040 hours, Officers were dispatched to a shots call in the Seward Park Neighborhood, according to the call someone was shooting at the caller. Officers arrived and contacted the caller. The caller reported that he was assaulted by a known suspect and after the assault the suspect fired two-three shots out of the window of his vehicle. Officers also located two spent .22 casings. The suspect was not located.