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Chief O’Toole: Reform Continues With Enhanced Training, Data Improvements

The Seattle Police Department stands committed to reform, and is energized by the enhanced training and new tools developed in partnership with the Federal Monitoring team. Our officers now carry with them the skills to de-escalate conflict and identify and assist those in crisis. When officers must resort to force,… [ Keep reading ]

Chief O’Toole Responds to Guilty Verdict

For nearly six years, family and colleagues have awaited justice for the murder of Seattle Police Officer Timothy Brenton and the attempted murder of both his partner, Officer Britt Kelly and Homicide Sergeant Gary Nelson. I hope the verdict today brings some comfort to Tim’s loved ones and close SPD friends. Tim remains… [ Keep reading ]

Chief O’Toole: SPD Continuing Assessment and Improvement of Demonstration Management Practices

Today, I provided this letter to our partners at the Community Police Commission, after receiving their feedback (PDF) on SPD’s demonstration management practices: Thank you for continuing your work to gather and provide feedback from our community. Enhancing community trust is of paramount importance to the Seattle Police Department, and I genuinely value… [ Keep reading ]

Chief O’Toole Shocked and Disappointed By Councilmember Harrell’s Statements, All Force Remains Under Review

I was shocked and disappointed to hear Councilmember Harrell’s comments today related to the SPD’s performance during the May Day demonstration on Friday evening.  His statements directly contradict the overwhelming, positive feedback the SPD has received from the community in recent days. The Seattle Police Department has worked hard with… [ Keep reading ]

Officer Terminated for Misconduct

Yesterday I signed a termination order for an officer who initiated unprofessional and highly inappropriate communication with women he came into contact with while at work. The damage to the public trust in this department from this type of behavior cannot be overstated. The decision to end someone’s employment is… [ Keep reading ]

Chief O’Toole Announces New SPD Leadership Team

I am pleased to announce the next generation of leaders in the Seattle Police Department.

Chief O’Toole Responds to New OPA Auditor’s Report by Reiterating Commitment to Reform

The Seattle Police Department is absolutely committed to reform and accountability. We are well underway as noted in the Federal Monitor’s most recent report. We will continue to follow the Mayor’s lead and work collaboratively with the CPC, the OPA Director and the OPA Auditor to enhance accountability further.

Chief O’Toole Announces New Social Media Policy

The Seattle Police Department is working tirelessly to rebuild community trust and restore pride in our organization. It’s unfortunate that behavior on social media by a few has contributed to the erosion of our collective efforts. Moving forward, I want to be certain that employees are clear regarding my expectations… [ Keep reading ]

Chief Orders Review, Transfers Officer As Department Moves Forward With Reform

Until yesterday I was unaware of Officer Whitlatch’s Facebook posts. I was shocked and disappointed to read her comments. We are working to reform the Seattle Police Department, and behavior of this nature seriously undermines our efforts. Today, I have taken these immediate steps: I have ordered a comprehensive review… [ Keep reading ]

Chief O’Toole Orders Review Of Officer Conduct, Supervision

Today I heard many concerns from community members about the conduct of an SPD officer assigned to the East Precinct. These concerns are related to two incidents that occurred during the summer of 2014, one of which was detailed previously by our department. I have directed East Precinct commander Captain… [ Keep reading ]