Jonah Spangenthal-Lee

For the last five years, I've covered the always-exciting cops and crime beat at,, KIRO Television, and The Stranger.

As a reporter, I've stood out in the rain at crime scenes, rode around in patrol cars late into the night, and pored over police reports in order to dig up and tell stories about just what goes on inside the Seattle Police Department, and the streets of our city.

I came to SPD in March 2012 to tell those same stories on the department’s blog, The Blotter, and help push out up-to-the-minute information on breaking news through SPD’s Twitter feed.

My days at SPD are just as long, exciting and fast-paced as they ever were in a newsroom, but now I don't have to sneak past police tape to get to a story.

I'm a born-and-raised Seattle resident with a penchant for messy cooking projects, and an encyclopedic knowledge of Star Wars and comic books. My wife and cats are very patient with me.

Police Break Up Band of Ballard Criminals, Recover Stolen Guitars, Drums and More

Major Crimes detectives have put the whammy on a group of thieves, who had amassed a collection of guitars, drums and other stolen goods at their Ballard home. Police began investigating the crew of thieves last week after a break-in at a storage facility last week in the Denny Triangle. The suspects broke into several storage lockers over several […]
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Suspect Arrested In Two Violent North Seattle Home Invasions

Seattle police have arrested a man suspected of stealing drugs, cash and a car at gunpoint in two violent home invasion robberies in the Bitter Lake and Meadowbrook neighborhoods last month. SPD Robbery Unit detectives have been searching for the 29-year-old suspect since March 12th, after he and two other men burst into a home in the 11300 block […]
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On Fleek Officers Find Gun In Stolen SUV After Stopping Fake “Fleeks”

Two teens caught with a gun in a stolen SUV are now under investigation for robbery after police spotted them driving through Capitol Hill early this morning without any headlights. Officers Matt Blackburn and Dan Auderer were on patrol on Broadway around 2 AM when they spotted a Toyota 4Runner driving down the street with their headlights off. When officers pulled the […]
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Police Seize Car After Armed Robbery In Kerry Park

Detectives are investigating whether car seized early this morning may be linked to a pair of masked gunmen, who robbed three people at gunpoint in a Queen Anne park. Two women and a man were hanging out in Kerry Park–near 3rd Avenue West and West Prospect Street–around 2 AM when two suspects approached them. The suspects, both wearing handkerchiefs over their […]
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Cops Cancel Beacon Hill Goat Escape

Officers corralled a herd of goats Thursday after they led police on a brief hoof chase on Beacon Hill. Shortly after 1:15 pm, police received a report that 10 goats had gotten loose from a yard in the 5000 block of South Wallace Street and were chasing a group of kids (the human kind). Officers arrived, […]
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Armed Robber With Eclectic Tastes Arrested For Westlake Magazine Heist

Bike officers arrested a robber Wednesday in Westlake Park after he pilfered an eclectic collection of periodicals from a downtown book store. The suspect walked into the Barnes & Noble at 6th and Pine around 5 PM, picked out copies of Newsweek, Playboy and Intelligent Life—magazines devoted to currents events, lagomorphology and culture—and ran for the store’s exit. When […]
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Police Seize Rifle & Pistol, Search For Gunmen Following Central District Car Crash

Gang Unit detectives seized an assault rifle and handgun Wednesday and are searching for two gunmen, suspected of opening fire on a man and his daughter following a car crash in the Central District. The shooting happened around 2:30 PM, after the gunmen’s vehicle collided with a second car at 26th and Washington Street. Detectives […]
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Police Arrest Suspect In Violent Robbery At Rainier Beach Doughnut Shop

SPD detectives are investigating a man who barricaded himself in a crawlspace Tuesday in the International District for a violent robbery at a Rainier Beach doughnut shop. The 21-year-old man led US Marshals and Seattle police on a brief chase around 12:30 PM after they tried to arrest him for several felony warrants. Detectives also believe the man […]
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Cops, Canadian Officials Corral Bronze Cowboy Bandits at Border

A pair of outlaws may be headed for the hoosegow after they tried to smuggle a two-foot tall cowboy into Canada after snatching him from a Seattle shop. The cross-border fuss began Sunday after the owner of an antique store on Seattle’s waterfront arrived at work and found the two cowboy-rustlers loading a 55-pound bronze sculpture—known as “Bronco Buster,” featuring a frontiersman atop a […]
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