Jonah Spangenthal-Lee

For the last five years, I've covered the always-exciting cops and crime beat at,, KIRO Television, and The Stranger.

As a reporter, I've stood out in the rain at crime scenes, rode around in patrol cars late into the night, and pored over police reports in order to dig up and tell stories about just what goes on inside the Seattle Police Department, and the streets of our city.

I came to SPD in March 2012 to tell those same stories on the department’s blog, The Blotter, and help push out up-to-the-minute information on breaking news through SPD’s Twitter feed.

My days at SPD are just as long, exciting and fast-paced as they ever were in a newsroom, but now I don't have to sneak past police tape to get to a story.

I'm a born-and-raised Seattle resident with a penchant for messy cooking projects, and an encyclopedic knowledge of Star Wars and comic books. My wife and cats are very patient with me.

Twin Officers Collar Suspects After Dogged Pursuits

Among the ranks of the Seattle Police Department, a pair of twins have made a name for themselves through dogged pursuits, high-profile collars and a keen ability to sniff out criminals. These glory hounds, K9s Jaeger and Ziva—brother and sister German Shepherds from the same litter—both tracked down suspects in two different cases within hours of […]
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Detectives Arrest Owner of Suspected Belltown Bicycle Chop Shop

Seattle police believe the owner of a Belltown bicycle shop has been wheeling and dealing with convicted felons to traffic thousands of dollars worth of stolen bikes through his store. For months, detectives have been investigating Bicycle Pull-Apart, located near 3rd Avenue and Battery Street, after receiving tips that the shop was buying, rebuilding and reselling […]
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SPD Examining Technical Issue With In-Car Video System

In January, the Seattle Police Department discovered a technical issue with its patrol car video systems. The department is currently working to review extent of the issue and resolve it. On Friday afternoon, the department sent this memo to Seattle City Councilmember Bruce Harrell, Chair of the council’s Public Safety, Civil Rights and Technology Committee: […]
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Knife-Wielding Bank Robber Shot After Charging At Detective

Seattle police flooded the Denny-Blaine neighborhood Thursday morning in search of an armed bank robber, who was later fatally shot after running toward a veteran Detective with knife in hand. At 9:16 AM, Seattle police received a 911 report of a takeover-style bank robbery at the Madison Park Wells Fargo bank in the 4000 block […]
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Police Investigating Bank Robbery, Car Crash Near Lake Washington (Update x4)

Just after 9:15 Thursday morning, an armed man, reportedly wearing lots of makeup, women’s clothing and a brunette wig walked into a bank near E. Madison Street and McGilvra Blvd. and demanded money from a teller. The man then fled the bank on foot, possibly carrying a rolling suitcase, and was seen getting into a […]
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Seattle Man Would Greatly Appreciate It If You Would Stop Mailing Pot to His House

A Mount Baker resident walked into the East Precinct Monday evening and informed a desk clerk that someone keeps mailing him packages of marijuana. The man told officers that, one month earlier, a package arrived at his front door marked “return to sender, insufficient postage.” The man—whose home was listed as the return address on […]
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