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Chief Diaz on SPD’s Consent Decree Compliance Milestone

The Federal Court Monitor’s recent assessment, that the Seattle Police Department has sustained full and effective compliance under the Consent Decree, marks a significant milestone in modern policing. SPD has become the first department in the new era of Consent Decrees to reach this point. We thank the Monitor, the court, the Department of Justice, and the many in Seattle’s diverse communities who have challenged and supported us. Yet while we celebrate this achievement and look forward to completing the remaining commitments outlined in the Monitoring Plan for this year, we also remain mindful that this is by no means an endpoint. 

For any organization, reform should be an ever-evolving process, and just as the massive calls for change and accountability in policing in 2020 and the continuing impacts of the pandemic have informed our approach to crowd management, deployment, and staffing efficiency, we pledge our continuing commitment to ensure that a culture of ongoing review and reform remains cemented in the DNA of this department. Next week we will roll out our 45-day Before the Badge training program for new recruits, rooted in community engagement and officer wellness. In keeping with the Consent Decree, our department remains committed to robust officer wellness reforms, which enable our officers to excel as they rise to meet the ongoing challenges of public safety.  

Above all, the Court Monitor’s assessment is recognition of the steadfast dedication of the men and women of the Seattle Police Department. Our officers commit themselves each day to doing all they can to make this city a better place and to meeting the many challenges they are tasked to resolve with honor, integrity, and compassion. Our officers are the backbone of our department, and I am grateful to each and every one of them.